Disposable filter bags – Fine dust pickup


3-pack of disposable filter bags

5 gal. / 20L, for model: WD-512-SS-BIDZ

8 gal /  30L for Model: WD-814-SS-BIDZ

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  • BIDZ disposable filtration bags allow you to collect debris and dispose of them quickly and efficiently, as well as reduce the time required to clean your WET/DRY vacuum cleaner.
  • Made for DRY PICKUP ONLY
  • Can collect everyday dirt and fine particle debris like drywall dust
  • Fits 5-Gallon BIDZ WET/DRY vacuum model: WD-512-SS-BIDZ
  • Includes 3 BIDZ WET/DRY vacuum bags
  • Made of high-quality filtration paper with strong sealing to lock: Our BIDZ WET/DRY vacuum bag captures most small particles and dust from your workshop and house.
  • Filters 99.99%: to improve the air quality in your home, these premium disposable bags have a collar system design that prevents dust from escaping during bag disposal 
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 1 × 1 in

5 Gal, 8 Gal

Technical information

HP 6 peak HP
Canister / Cuve 30L – 8 gal
CFM 63.5
Tank Drain Yes
Blower port Yes
Power cord 18 ft
Hose included 7 ft Long
1.25″ Diameter
Air watts 32
Air watts 1200
Sealed pressure 68.2″ Waterlift
Wet / Dry Yes
Depth 325 mm / 12.79’’
Height 478 mm / 18.81’’
Width 325 mm / 12.79’’
Disposable filtration bags 30L – 7.5 GAL
Cartridge filter Yes
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